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Too often the main city  of Campania is in the news only for crime stories or for waste treatment problems. However Naples is also something else, is much more, as Giuliana's story proves: she writes us from the inner core of the city, telling us the true adventure of an association and a related project, that put together all the schools, and, as she uses to say, found “a fruitful soil”.

From Giuliana-Naples (Italy)

My name is Giuliana, I am a surgeon and I work in a large hospital in Naples, in the ER unit. I belong to the Association “Homo Faber”, which works in Fuorigrotta, a district of Naples, for persons with mental disabilities.

The association was born many years ago, when, together with other fellows citizens that share with me the ideal of fraternity as a category for thought and action, we realized that we had to do something for the youth with mental disabilities, after finishing middle school.

For many years we have worked together with the Municipality of Naples and the Region of Campania, developing a variety of projects, aimed not only at persons with disabilities, but also  at senior people, sick persons, drop-outs, etc.  Every year the Italian government channels the 5 per mil of income taxes into social projects, through associations working in the field. This year our association decided to use a portion of the money we were allotted, to set up a web site, that could show a different aspect of Naples, indeed its positive aspect.

If you pay attention to the main media, Naples has become the capital city of everything that can be labeled as negative: camorra, bag-snatchings, robberies, failure in garbage treatment.

However Naples is not only what media present, there are a lot of positive aspects in this city, under every point of view. Behind stereotypes of pizza, sun, mandolin, we did not want camorra and failure in garbage treatment to be added.

The web site, which you can find at the URL, aims at presenting news and facts under a positive point of view; since the main internet surfers are the youth, it is mainly devised for them.

We want to sow seeds of hope, and help the new generations in looking at the city with different eyes, discovering and looking for positive facts, beneath the various aspects of life. We want to build a new city, and in order to do that, we need to change our minds: internet, a very important medium, offers us a way to do that. Therefore we realized, among enormous difficulties, a site, that collects all the positive achievements of associations, institutions, simple citizens. To the site we linked a project, which we called “A Positive Zoom on Naples”, particularly aimed at the youth, proposed in all Naples schools; we invited students to create slogans, posters, reports, drawings, and research works.

There were prizes and “diplomas” for the participants; we also organized a final event, in order to spread this idea as much as possible among kids, and teenagers, so that they could discover all the positive aspects of the city together with us.

The final rally of the project, organized by our association was designed and then concretely realized, together with all Fuorigrotta community. We chose to invite everybody, with the tough aim of transmitting the ideal of Fraternity with our being, and not just with words.

We think it was a success, even if the audience was very diverse and numerous, with approximately 120 participants of every age.

Coming up with a program that could suit everybody, and could sow seeds of hope in people older than 70, and younger than eight, was surely not an easy task.

Since we had agreed among us at the beginning, that we were there to love each other, and to transmit this reciprocal love to all the city, it was not that difficult to enter the heart of all participants, putting into practice a tough program under the point of view of its contents, but light and joyful in its actual development.

The Fuorigrotta Choir, formed by elements of the local community, offered some musical breaks,  having the city as their leading theme, and they turned out to be very helpful.

We had a solemn moment, when we read a piece of the short story, that had won the first prize: in the audience all the people were moved, and a uproarious clapping took place, as the winner, a boy from the decayed outskirts, stood up and walked to the podium to collect the prize.

At the end, even we could not believe our eyes, as we saw high school students, moved and embarassed, but at the same time enthusiastic, stand up, take picture, and hug their professor; this was something they had never allowed themselves to do before. All the kids from elementary school watched this scene in complete silence, but with an evident smile and with brilliant eyes.

The principal of an Ischia school, present there with some professors and students of his, commented that we had been indeed very brave, as we had dealt with a very tough and important argument, perfectly  hitting it on the nail.

Some fifth grade kids thanked their teacher in their end-of-the-year paper, as she had taught them to look for and recognize positive facts in the life of their city.

The rally unexpectedly produced positive effects in a school that had a part in the project, since relations among all students dramatically improved. Behind all this there was a patient, and sometimes difficult, work of a friend of us, committed to fraternity, a professor in that school; she never stopped sowing seeds of hope in hes students in Afragola, a small and decayed town  in Naples district.
The principal put the school bus at the students' disposal, so that they could take part into the event. He read the short story that had won the first prize, and he was deeply moved: he congratulate the winner, and put at his disposal the school library. Moreover he asked to write an article about the rally for a local daily; this was later published, and all the people at the school were extremely happy.

By itself, the short story that won the first prize was worth the effort; indeed it was extremely significant and full of positive values. A lot of professors, that at the beginning had looked at the project with skepticism, later asked about it, congratulate the participants, and declared themselves ready to sponsor the copyrighting of the short story, as the winner's family is very poor, and does not have the money to do it.

The School Project “A Positive Zoom on Naples” is now over. For all of us, this was a wonderful experience. On the other hand the adventure of the web site still continues.
The change in the way of thinking has started, and has found breeding ground.

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