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«I was in my studio. It was evening time, the day had been very tiring. The next day would have been even more exhausting. Outside you could hear the noise of a thunderstorm, it was not a matter of bad weather, but rather human and social noise. In fact a teachers’ strike was being organised, just in time for the Ninth Congress on Education being planned by the city council... »

On the eve of a conference, amidst protests and threats. Nonetheless talking about brotherhood may still have sense ...


Milta, what happened that night?

«In this situation we continued to ask ourselves whether or not we should go ahead with the Congress.  I shared my idea on politics with one of my assistants, Maria Luiza.  I told her, “Politics, in view of fraternity, can be experienced as "the love of all loves" with the power to "renew the face of the earth." It was not an easy situation».

What was the real danger?

«The Congress was a three-day conference of workshops and mini-courses:  the teachers were organizing the protest, with signs, slogans, etc. which was going to take place on the very first day of the Congress; but not only that: it was expected that when I start talking, I would be booed. ... Anything terrible could happen.... »

What did you do?

«We called a meeting with the mayor, the deputy mayor, and the directors of the various departments to assess the situation. Maria Luiza was with me. According to some, the Congress should be cancelled to keep me and the mayor safe. But neither the Mayor nor I agreed because the agencies contracted for organising and running the Congress had already been paid with public money!»

 Because if every event is stopped due to the protests, then nothing else will be done ...

«In that meeting I reaffirmed the right of the people to demonstrate and claim their rights. I myself and the mayor had done so all our life, we were trained in this kind of struggle and we would not be consistent personally, if we do not respect this law, now that it seemed to be “in the hand of the others».

At the end the great day came. What happened?

«I have to take a step back because a few days before, when the situation was already difficult, I tried to strengthen my relationship with God through loving my neighbour. I tried to get out of myself, not thinking about my worries and sufferings, loving my brother selflessly, ready to lose everything. It was an experience that prepared me for what happened next. In fact I looked for those among the town officials who also believed in my own values: I talked to them about everything that was going on to find a light in the darkness. I prepared my opening speech for the Congress with them to be in tune with universal brotherhood, to do everything for the common good».

Brasile sorridente

The next morning the congress began

«And I walked to the Congress, along with many other people in our community, who wanted to accompany me, almost "escort me" to the gates of the conference. There were teachers who were holding up signs, but there were no offensive demonstrations. At the beginning of the solemn opening, when I was called to speak, there were some few whistles, but I remained calm and quiet: in the end the boos subsided and everyone applauded».

You said that this speech was only the beginning of change: why?

«Because during those days I was able to talk with the teachers on the points that had caused their retort: many misunderstandings have been clarified and a new relationship was built with them. At the end of the congress, the majority of teachers expressed their joy and satisfaction with the results achieved, and many of them told me personally. It 'was a victory, a victory of brotherhood».

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