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Angelo Crescente and Emilio Donnarumma are respectively the Mayor and the Secretary of Capodrise, in the South of Italy. Is it possible to live brotherhood even in the municipality? Yes, it is, and here we have an example!*


We are Angelo Crescente and Emilio Donnarumma, respectively the Mayor and the Secretary of Capodrise, in the South of Italy. 

 The Secretary’s job entails collaboration with the Mayor, especially by giving him advice regarding juridical-administrative matters; through my services the local council is assured that all decisions are taken within the law.

 I’ve been working for the last 35 years. My parents imparted to me solid values which were then enhanced by the Ideal of universal brotherhood; these values helped me to act responsibly wherever I found myself. I must admit that this was not always easy, especially when faced with widespread corruption, something quite common in our region. In my relationship with many Mayors and councilors, I always tried to do my best in my role as consultant; I would offer a correct interpretation of the law and explain all aspects connected to it. Unfortunately, not all Mayors were ‘politically correct’ and respectful of the law. Indeed, many a time I had to formally express my negative opinion regarding the lawfulness of some decisions. My conscience would not allow me to look for loopholes in a certain law. I tried to serve my city in this way for 12 years. In 2011, Angelo was elected Mayor of Capodrise.  


Immediately after my election in May 2011, I became aware of my limitations to do well such a delicate job which the citizens have entrusted to me. However, I was convinced that be continuing to live the Ideal of universal brotherhood, I would have found the way to go ahead.  

When it came to choose the Secretary, my choice fell on Emilio, whom I have known for thirty years and was aware of his professionalism. With Emilio by my side I felt protected not only in administrative and institutional matters but also from a human and spiritual point of view because I knew I could count on him in all circumstances. 

We started to analyze the local problems, first among these was the financial and economic situation, inherited from previous administrators and which was registering a hefty deficit.

However, we did not chose the easy way out by highlighting the shortcomings of the previous administrations; instead we set about building the future together with all the other political parties. 

In doing so we managed to pay all debts in an above-board manner while treating everyone with fairness: our efforts were rewarded with good results for our Municipality and with good relationships between all factions. 


There were some families whose houses were not built according to law, and these families were forced to leave their illegal dwellings, which were built with lots of sacrifices. We knew that we were looking at something illegal; at the same time we were aware of the needs of these poor families. Therefore we tried to find a lawful solution that would allow the families to return to their homes. It was at this point that the Regional authorities passed a law that allowed the families to go back to their houses which, however, were no longer their property.  

This experience helped us understand that it is important not to be blocked by juridical norms, but to look at the true meaning of justice which goes beyond the norms, and act as a ‘good family father’.

We did our best to help many others, especially those passing through difficult moments by treating each person as an individual. 


The basis of our approach is living universal brotherhood even among us two; this, however, is something that needs to be continually built, through a daily commitment. And this was not always easy. For example, a year ago, Emilio was thinking of going on pension. I was counting on his expertise for the duration of the mandate, and this to me seemed almost a ‘betrayal’. After some days, which were quite unhappy, it became clear to me that if I really wanted Emilio’s good I had to respect his freedom and that I had to stand on my own feet.   

Thus, this moment, which might have seemed one of crisis, became one of growth in our friendly relationship, and a step further in having the just equilibrium between personal relationships and different roles. 


*This text contains a conversation that Emilio Donnarumma and Angelo Crescente held in January 2014 during a meeting at the Mariapolis Center in Castel Gandolfo. The text retains the colloquial and spontaneous way it was delivered.


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