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A friend who lives in Damascus, sent us this letter...

Damascus, October 9th 2014

Dear all,

sorry that I have not written for a long time, but today, after being at a funeral of two young brothers, I thought I could no longer delay.

The two brothers are uncles of a girl I know, one is 35 and the other is 37 years old. They were kidnapped a month ago, they had gone to protect their city from the "anti-government rebels;" for one month there has been no news .... but the other day they found them dead, disfigured, with their heads cut off! What a tragedy, what a pain ....

One of them is married and has two daughters, his wife is pregnant and about to give birth this month. In front of this pain, there are no words, there was a sadness that breaks my heart apart ... I said to myself "My God, how long, how long must this war go on? This is enough!" Greeting the family, I felt I was giving the embrace of the whole church and all of you who pray and offer for peace.

These two weeks have been full of painful moments. I do not know if you heard about the tragedy of October 1, with more than 84 children dead and hundreds of injured children. It is the absurdity that touches humanity, when man forgets what it means to be a man, when violence completely blinds!

This tragedy occurred in a city in the north, Homs; a car packed with explosives exploded near the door of a school; it did a little damage, but the violence did not end there. When all the children and teachers gathered near the other door on the other side to escape, a man went among them and blew himself up! In front of this violence, there are no words! The man is no longer man! This explosion killed 84 innocent children and produced hundreds of serious injuries, the situation of children is indescribable, they have become "pieces" .... I feel a big pain in my heart, I remembered the children of Bethlehem who were killed and I wondered, "How long? Why children? They have no responsability!" However, at the same time you feel compelled to pray more, to spread the good, to love each other in the most radical way. In front of this pain, it is not easy to keep going, particularly thinking about all the mothers who lost their children or see them in these situations without being able to do anything.

I want to scream, but I want you to scream with me, "Stop violence! Why is the world silent? Is there anything we can do?" We know that this war has been generated by interest from all over the world, economic interests, arms sales, etc.

However, I'm sure that if God has triumphed over evil, and he gave his life for us, he will prevail ... Let us continue to pray with a faith that moves mountains ... ENOUGH WITH THE WAR! WE WANT TO LIVE IN PEACE!


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