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The City Project in Côte d'Ivoire. After Kanawolo it is now the turn of Glolé, a small village near the Isle of Man, where action and contemplation go hand in hand to revive the village.

by Gueu Séraphin-Man, Cote d'Ivoire

Glolé is a small village of 2,000 inhabitants, located in the region of Man, to the west of the country. The village is located in the forest about four miles from the paved road. In 2000, some local families met the ideal of universal brotherhood, which led to a slow but steady change of life in the city. In fact, people began to look at their village with new eyes, trying to see the possibilities that unity of purpose and common effort for the same goal, can generate.

The main task is therefore to propose various activities in order to promote the economic development of the village, and help people to "get rid" of poverty.

Here is some news in brief:
First of all, each month the Word of Life regularly arrives in Glolé. It is a commentary on the Gospel proposed by Chiara Lubich. It is written on a piece of paper that can be meditated upon and shared, including some witnesses that confirm what one has just read. With this nourishment, the potential of the Gospel can be discovered every time, translating it into real life.

Thus some cultural practices in the village can be changed, which may not be consistent with what is now proposed, orienting more and more  every resident at experiencing the universal brotherhood.

A particular area of the village life that we feel very strongly about is that of health: we help every inhabitant to gain more control of her own situation, we propose and implement a food program to eradicate child malnutrition throughout the region. We also intervene financially, if necessary, to cover emergencies. Some women decided to become midwives, in a region where the mortality rate is still too high.

In agriculture, another area which is central to the livelihood of the population, we started the "rice bank", that can be used even by the most needy. All the villages have adopted this practice, by setting up reserves for the most urgent needs. We bought two acres of land, that has become a field where to grow rice for the whole community.

The revenues from sales are used to cover school fees of poor children or to meet other needs of the community. We also produce palm oil.This spiritual communion and practice attracted the attention of many people, who seized the opportunity to give a contribution for the purchase of a vehicle, useful both for the agricultural work and for the transport of patients to the nearest health center.

It is interesting to note that we have built several houses, one for each family in the village, so that the stranger who is passing through, has a roof for shelter. These are the so-called "homes of foreigners." After all, it is the Gospel phrase "Whenever you did these things to the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me" (mt, 25, 40, 45).

Thanks to this community, universal brotherhood is producing a revolution in and around Glolé. Here too, we hope that, as in Fontem, we may soon realize that "miracle in the forest", which reveals the love of God to each person, making the life of the city more and more beautiful.

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