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gange “We Colour Our City” is an educational project in India, a land of many contrasts, rich and diverse that no other part of the world has the fascination to attract thousands of tourists.  The youth education has the fundamental role to present a more livable city of today and tomorrow.

by Mary Calleja - Mumbai (India)


The idea of an educational project came from a desire to form a strong network of schools in our city proposing a pedagogy of brotherhood to teachers and professionals of the world of education on a big scale. We would like to find a way to extend the school to the city and bring the city inside the school. It is important for us to bridge the divisions that exist between the study conducted in school and the daily life.

We have studied the situation of schools at the national level. We have elaborated the educational program which we have to distribute for the whole academic year with lessons, objectives, methodology, criteria for evaluation and resources needed for teaching.  All this has to bring about the creation of a reciprocal relationship among the students and teachers, among schools and cities, between theory and practice. We compared this program with the professionals of an international school and we have received a very strong encouragement.

We have presented this project to deans and principals of the schools where the teachers are already living the brotherhood/sisterhood in the world of education in which we are in contact with.  “The Young for Unity”, the youth branch of the Focolare Movement who are present in those schools are the first to be involved in making their city more beautiful.

This pilot project was included in the academic program of two schools of Bandra and Mumbai and in two colleges in Goa.  It started in June 2008 and ended in April 2009.

Educators and students have worked together involving the communities around them, an attempt towards a new educational need, for which the school must “go out” to the city and the city “enter” in the school.

There are three stages of the project, putting a particular emphasis on the resources of the city, and singling out the most problematic area and choosing one of it, so we can direct and allocate the resources where it is needed most.

The first two stages of the project had been prepared in details like the guidelines adapted to the particular needs of the students, the environment and the availability of assets. The aided learning tend to develop especially those values that has helped the youth to grow as responsible citizens.

The third stage was developed on site, activating as well the support network through newspaper, email and reports from participating schools. Growing the solidarity is the main characteristic of the project. It will be integrated in the aided learning discipline in which the main objective is to offer a quality education together with an effective social service.

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