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Minas Gerais is a state in Brazil located in the region of South-East of the country. Even from there came news of the Project Cities  which involves various people. These are ideas, that have the genuine taste of things done for the sake of the people, that translate into actions, that impact on the development of societies.

from Belo Horizonte-Brazil

Patos de Minas is a populous city that is at the center of the state of Minas Gerais. Regional economic hub, it occupies a privileged position in the ranking of the general collection of taxes throughout the state. A city industrious and creative, thanks to the vitality of the people who inhabit it.

In this city there is a community of people, who contribute to the achievement of universal brotherhood, through many small and big initiatives: a series of events and experiences are taking place, thanks to them each time more and more people became involved, and the Project City is able to have a substantive component that harmonizes well with the culture, history and needs of the place.

With this knowledge, during this last year, a symposium on education was organized, which took place in Claudio, a town in the southern part  of the state. The title was "And.. For a school, a city"; 14 professionals in the world of education and training of Patos were present, including principals,  deputy principalss, supervisors, teachers and a librarian, representing ten schools in the city.

After the symposium two meetings were held with professionals, in order to exchange impressions; it was noticed that a lot of the topics covered in the conference had already been shared with the students during the lessons, showing the primary bond that exists between education and brotherhood.

Some people
, along with two experts in music education of APAE, the largest full service network for persons with disabilities in Brazil, have visited Vila Padre Alaor, a residence for the elderly, where they livened up nice moments for  40 of them, with songs, dances and games, making them share a day of celebration. After sharing with these people  their problems, both physically and psychologically, we have liaised with the University of Patos de Minas to request that the coordinators of the physical education classes may send their interns to assist in Vila Padre Alaor and teach these elderly people, how to take care of themselves.

Elizabeth brings weekly the "Word of Life," a monthly commentary from the phrase of the Gospel, to "Casa Flamboyant", a rehabilitation center for women with drug, alcohol and other substances addictions. The residents are 20 women, adolescents and adults. With Elizabeth there is a group of people, who share this ideal and who read, listen, talk, give advice. Then they sing together, dine together, live moments of deep brotherhood, which are of great help in the care of these dependencies.

Stela and Selma, for example, are hairdressers, and have offered to give courses for hair care and manicure, while Maddalena has taught them gift wrapping
. Also Carmen has offered to teach the girls how to do handicrafts. Together with the directors of the "House", they take all the  necessary actions, in order to make the stay in the center as  effective as possible, aming at their full reintegration into society.

But also the neighborhood where Dulce live is in full swing: She is always very attentive to what life gives her every day, and pays particular attention to the poor at her door looking for help, even though this often means to go against the current of fear and prejudice. Currently, she is helping a homosexual neighbor, rejected and discriminated  by all, because of his condition.

The relationship based on mutual respect and listening has shown him, that every small gesture, if done out of love, creates a new atmosphere and helps to solve problems.

And then the  future, that is already here, with a visit to the city's juvenile court; we went there to verify the possibility of acquiring books and materials necessary for the library to be built in the new space for the children.  This is our contribution and answer to the scourge of juvenile violence plaguing the city, which is a consequence of the lack of infrastructure dedicated to them. At the same time we are looking at the possibility to offer medical cares within their reach.

Text collected by Paolo Balduzzi
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