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ricostruireThe difficult situation in the Balkans, where ethnicities and different cultures have been living for years, and where a bloody war has spared no one, leaving deep scars in those who lived it and can tell it. However even here the universal brotherhood is bringing results, thanks to an educational project proposed in some cities.

From Belgrade (Serbia)
In South East Europe diversity of cultures, faiths and peoples coexist, backed by the experience of communism and war, of which we all still bear the consequences.
The coexistence and mutual tolerance that we have tried with great difficulty and pain to build in recent decades, led us to experience a true brotherhood, because it is based on sorrow, giving us hope that living this great ideal is possible, because it is practical.

The regular meetings that we held near Zagreb were fundamental. During the war, people arrived destroyed by the atrocities and violence suffered, but they left, energized by these moments of sharing, which invited everyone to forgive one's enemies, to "give" to those who had lost everything. Certainly, this was neither easy nor spontaneous, and required a constant effort.

During the conflict the life was very intense and particular, but it has given impetus to all that is born even later, to bring universal brotherhood in our workplaces, universities, neighborhoods that, slowly, were trying to come back to life.
Although in pain and difficulties because of a tragedy whose scars we will bear for many years, throughout the whole community that lives the brotherhood, the optimism of a certainty was born: "We are few, it’s true, but through our commitment to achieve brotherhood, God will be present, and we will overcome all obstacles."

We tried to understand what were the interest areas most in need in the city. We realized that we had a lot to do in the sphere of pedagogy and education. There is a kindergarten in Krizevci "Ray of the Sun". There we set up a program on peace and love for others, acceptance and tolerance: these are core values, because we understood that only when the child is formed in the dialogue and sharing since infancy, as an adult he can easily continue to live and spread these values.

The institutions got interested in the way we work, in our ideas for what we call "pedagogy of communion." In Macedonia, these pedagogical lines have become now part of the official documents of the school reform.

In Skopje a symposium with the participation of three deans and 30 professors from different ethnic groups was organized. From that meeting came the idea of creating a nursery school near the university, where students can do an internship, according to the new pedagogy. In a situation of conflict not yet resolved, the dean of this school has seen a new concrete contribution to universal brotherhood, also because it welcomes children from different ethnic groups: Macedonian, Albanian and even Turks.

In Belgrade the nursery "Fantasy" was born, where Serbs and Albanians work together, two ethnic groups that the war had divided. Yet in this environment the dialogue has started. One afternoon, in the break time, going into the room where they worked, to our surprise we saw two colleagues talk with confidence: "We are telling each other how many people we lost in the war, the two of us on opposite sides.”
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