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Rebuilding a country through education

ricostruireThe difficult situation in the Balkans, where ethnicities and different cultures have been living for years, and where a bloody war has spared no one, leaving deep scars in those who lived it and can tell it. However even here the universal brotherhood is bringing results, thanks to an educational project proposed in some cities.

From Belgrade (Serbia)

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Voices from the Gange

goaThis is the experience of a protagonist in the educational project ‘Colouring our city’ that was promoted in Goa, India. The project was divided into three phases, and its aim was to address the dramatic conditions in which the poor people live. The institutions and many schools welcomed this initiative; many young people discovered the many hidden talents they possessed, and much more.

by Yvonne Ribeiro - Goa (India)

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The ‘Let’s colour the city’ project at Rosario, Argentina

rosarioIn this Argentine city, one of the strategic centres of the country’s life, a project took place in 2005 intended to be ‘by young people for young people.’ It was based on the practice of the ‘Golden Rule.’ - Unexpected results after more than four years of activity:

Text put together by Paolo Balduzzi

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On The Ganges River

gange “We Colour Our City” is an educational project in India, a land of many contrasts, rich and diverse that no other part of the world has the fascination to attract thousands of tourists.  The youth education has the fundamental role to present a more livable city of today and tomorrow.

by Mary Calleja - Mumbai (India)


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What are you doing that for?

A question that often comes up when you live in less advantaged parts of town where commitment to build a better city becomes a challenge, especially with yourself. This touching story is a dramatically relevant experience regarding the commitment of adults and the disarming innocence of young people.

Eleana Pace - Palermo, Italy

I belong to the ‘Legal Commission’ of the school in Palermo where I teach.
There’s a very good relationship of respect between us teachers, which has helped us in a context of disastrous neglect, with classrooms scarred by broken doors, smashed desks, gaps in the walls, filthy stairways. There were outbreaks of vandalism and unacceptable violence during the year, which, since they went unpunished, led to an ever worsening climate of bullying on the one hand, and of hopeless resignation by others.

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