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SDomingoSanto Domingo is a tourist destination par excellence and at the same time, a poverty-stricken island of Central America. Even here the ideal of fraternity, lived especially among the young people, is creating a new culture that responds to the wounds of the city.

by Margarita Cano - Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic is also the capital of the tourist center par excellence. Its seascapes are among the most beautiful in the world; making this island a favorite summer spot, visited by many people a year.

At the same time, poverty is the true queen of the country, which has always suffered from exploitation by multinational companies and Western countries, which almost never was for the benefit of the local people.

Poverty is often accompanied by underdevelopment in terms of culture and education, which severely limits the expression of the talents that these people can claim. In addition, poverty makes young people vulnerable to organized crime that in some cases is the only alternative to make ends meet.

To respond to this type of injury, a group of young people of the city, driven by the ideal of universal brotherhood, focuses on creativity typical of the people to offer new job opportunities and at the same time offer an interesting way of "educating".

The result is "Jóvenes Creativos", a company that produces educational materials in wood, which provides employment to young people of barrio El Café, one of the most endangered neighborhoods of the city.

The small company works so well that it is recommended to relocate to a large shopping mall, perhaps the largest market in the city.The offer is tempting: a space dedicated to our products so that we can distinguish our product from other toys as "ethical products". It’s a great opportunity; which the boys accept by creating an educational toy expo in the model like a small house.

At the same time, to be able to remain in the market, it is necessary to develop sales strategies, create official codes for each game, prepare instruction manuals, all of which are a step ahead of the quality of our work. Thousands of people every day can get to know our project through the stand and the "house" is open from 8 am to 10 pm.It’s a job that is creating major benefits: first of all "Jóvenes Creativos" workers grew up down the street without a future, with the only hope of finding something to do and eat on daily bases.

Having a job that they like, their schedules, learn to be polite with people and manage sales and the respect of commitments to other people, is the first education lesson that at the same time offers these youth a new hope for the future. They sell a good number of products, and are learning through the seriousness of the work and the comparison with employees of other stores important life lessons.

All this gives more credibility to the original inspiration of the business, which was created to give a better future for those who have never had a voice or a chapter. If the young people are well trained to work, so as to  have the opportunity to no longer be slaves to anyone, they will find that freedom that will help them build a better city, not only for tourists, but for themselves first.

Meanwhile, in the barrio "El Cafe", among the poorest of the city, continues the work of training young people who then are given the opportunity to work in the shops. It’s this underground work on the streets, in homes, in close contact with people, the more valuable to revive the fortunes of a neighborhood.

These young people need to regain confidence, and be removed from the spiral that leads them to organized crimes that’s so present in the communities where they live.They are opening up new possibilities in other stores, to give opportunities to other young people from the barrio to improve their lives and at the same time that of their city.

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