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The Company Cube is a new cooperative strategy for small business success. Its objective is to bring about enterprise transformation and social change through person-centered, daily decision-making. It is part of The Economy of Communion in Freedom Project.

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The Cooperative Loppiano Prima and the Loppiano Farmstead: the courage of a prophecy.

On the website a series of articles dedicated to the Loppiano Co-operative and the Loppiano Farm are being published and will be focusing on their origins, developments, people and the projects. The articles will be spread out in seven issues and will be giving a taste of the kind of work methodology that is being used and which is based on the relationships that collegues and clients have with the organizations. They are experiences which also offer a credible model of respect for the environment.

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The creative youths of Santo Domingo

SDomingoSanto Domingo is a tourist destination par excellence and at the same time, a poverty-stricken island of Central America. Even here the ideal of fraternity, lived especially among the young people, is creating a new culture that responds to the wounds of the city.

by Margarita Cano - Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

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“Gathered together to work”: the social redemption of woman in the land of the Calchaquies



A textile worker and the culture of the Calchaguies in Argentina: See how the ideal of fraternity, incarnated in the world of work, can bring about the redemption of a group of women who’ve always been discriminated against, and who gradually recover their identity and their dignity, a recovery which helps their entire native American community.


by Margaret Ramirez De Moreno, Santa Maria di Catamarca, Argentina

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