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newsYou will find here in this virtual showcase, the updates and news from all over the world on the various initiatives for the CityFest. New and old experiences clearly show us how much the Ideal of universal brotherhood, when lived in the life of a small or big community, is creative, stimulating, answers to situations sometimes without solutions.  It is a city for every man, with a vision towards the unity of all peoples.

On the streets of Mexico

MexicoA trip to two Mexican towns to discover how The Project City is lived in the shadow of the "Virgen de Guadalupe”, patron saint of all Latin America and especially revered by the Mexicans. The tale of an action to clean up the city of garbage, and make every neighborhood better.

From the editor


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The new life of "brickmakers" in Bogota




In one of the most problematic neighborhood of Bogota, Colombia, for more than thirty years, the community has carried out a social and cultural renewal project,  through a wide range of aid initiatives to the poor, contributing to the redemption of all the neighborhood.

Paolo Balduzzi

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Elderly people and youth at Villa Loretto


Villaloretto2A structure originally born to house elderly people has become along the years an opportunity for the whole city to experience family moments in the gathering of peoples, religions and generations. The nuns at the heart of this project would have never imagined such a development, but…



Wisconsin (USA)

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Spark of Love




Claudia, a child from Rome, tells us one of the many initiatives that the children are putting in place to help so many of their peers, all over the world. We start from Rome.



By Claudia-Rome-Text collected by Paolo Balduzzi

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The Alzheimer Café



For a long time, Antonella has, with great difficulty, been assisting her aunt who has Alzheimer’s.  The ideal of fraternity however urges her to seek new solutions in order to reach out to the "least" in her town. She rediscovers, together with the patients, the beauty of life even in the midst of difficulties.

From San Severo (FG) - Italy

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The Ledro Valley chooses Unity


This story involves six local councils, eight parishes and three priests. A pastoral action that led to the setting up of a centralized administration of a whole Valley: the Local Council of Ledro.





By Paolo Balduzzi

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Different but 1- a literary competition in Teramo



“Creating a sensibility for solidarity and relations among different cultures in young people and foreigners”: as the organizers explain, this is the aim of the literary competition “Different … but 1”, whose award ceremony took place on Saturday May 22nd 2010 in Teramo, in Central Abruzzo.



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The "Tournament of the Heart" for the Abruzzi

Torneo-AbruzzoOn April 6th 2009 a terrible earthquake hit the Abruzzi. Despite the pain and discomfort, as it often happens, young people, with their simplicity and their enthusiasm aare the ones that find the infectious energy, in order to make every obstacle a new possibility of life, to give happiness to those who suffer. The story that comes to us from the boys of Roseto degli Abruzzi is one example.



From the community of Roseto degli Abruzzi (Te) – Italy

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Marcel's white shirts


Marcel Mbula is a doctor in Kinshasa in the People’s Democratic Republic of Congo. He is involved in the prevention and treatment of AIDS which still afflicts many thousands across the continent. He has decided, along with a number of other doctors to focus on the sick, especially the poorest, setting up a social and health project in collaboration with an NGO.


by Marcel Mbula, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Napul’è: a window on the city


Too often the main city  of Campania is in the news only for crime stories or for waste treatment problems. However Naples is also something else, is much more, as Giuliana's story proves: she writes us from the inner core of the city, telling us the true adventure of an association and a related project, that put together all the schools, and, as she uses to say, found “a fruitful soil”.

From Giuliana-Naples (Italy)

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In Paraguay, the choice of politics



Some, with politics, had a relationship of love and hate. Others have chosen it, and then abandoned because of too many disappointments; finally, others have chosen it again, driven by the strong conviction that fraternity can become a doctrine, but also a category of thought and political action.

by Cesar Romero-Paraguay

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Young people change the city



On Saturday April 17th 2010, in Massa Martana (Province of Perugia, Italy), the second edition of the meeting “A Network of cities in Umbria” will take place. This year the specific title is “Young people change the city”



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Fraternity pills from Brazil


Minas Gerais is a state in Brazil located in the region of South-East of the country. Even from there came news of the Project Cities  which involves various people. These are ideas, that have the genuine taste of things done for the sake of the people, that translate into actions, that impact on the development of societies.

from Belo Horizonte-Brazil

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“Gathered together to work”: the social redemption of woman in the land of the Calchaquies



A textile worker and the culture of the Calchaguies in Argentina: See how the ideal of fraternity, incarnated in the world of work, can bring about the redemption of a group of women who’ve always been discriminated against, and who gradually recover their identity and their dignity, a recovery which helps their entire native American community.


by Margaret Ramirez De Moreno, Santa Maria di Catamarca, Argentina

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World Urban Forum 5: The Right to the City-Bridging the Urban Divide


In the space of a few short years, the World Urban Forum has turned into the world's premier conference on cities. The Forum was established by the United Nations to examine one of the most pressing problems facing the world today: rapid urbanization and its impact on communities, cities, economies, climate change and policiese.


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Pierangelo Tassano's winning bet


The story we tell you today is at the same time extraordinary and particular. It is the dramatic parable, that changed the life of a man, and of many other persons, who, thank to him and to his colleagues, have found a new dignity.

Pierangelo Tassano is from Genoa. In the Sixties he was a metal worker and labor union active member. On March 30th 1965 he found himself at death's door due to a serious work accident. He was miraculously saved, but lost both feet. In those tragic moments he regained the strength and the joy of living, thanks to the encounter with the Ideal of fraternity. Therefore he decided to make the most of his experience, in order to help all the persons in the city, that lead a hard life.
Now he is 68, has four children, and six nephews; with his Cooperative "The Pelican" he is an entrepreneur, that gives work to 900 people: among them, drug and alcohol addicts, handicapped and mentally ill persons. "What I experienced, helped me in understanding that solidarity is written in the heart of each single person, beyond any personal belief."
Pierangelo tells his story to Rosario Carello, in an interview to the Italian National TV, which you can listen to in Italian right here.

Harmony among peoples thanks to art

campus-2009This week we are still in Tuscany, offering the full version of an article published recently by the magazine Città Nuova. A school of dance and cultural association. To respond to an alarm in the city, and to give opportunity to participants and spectators to become aware of their opportunities to citizens. Collaboration and exchange with other cities. A meeting with the choreographer Antonella Lombardo.

Paolo Balduzzi- Montecatini terme (Pt)

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A school thought extra for “them”

scuolaIn Montopoli in Valdarno, in the hamlet of Capanne, municipality, associations, citizens and professionals got together, in order to complete the project of a new kindergarten, that could serve the whole community. It is an innovative and leading experience, that brought together with abundant enthusiasm adults and kids; sharing is here a specific element of novelty, in particular with regards to the way things are done.

by Paolo Balduzzi - from Rome

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The Londrina Prison

prisonAn overcrowded women’s prison. The local community’s opinion on the “City Project” and actions to be taken in respect to prisoners’ rights, while working with government institutions and achieving concrete results.

From Londrina (Brasile) - by Paolo Balduzzi

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Social Ethics

There is a bond between spirituality and social commitment that is summed up in ethics: the spiritual elevation of the individual guides it to responsible action in every environment. In the Gospel and in the Scared Books of the other religions there exists the so called Golden Rule, “Do to others what you wish others will do to you”: here is the proposal for a public set of ethics that is easy to translate into the ethics of history.

Health: Person, Environment

Thinking of “the common good” by thinking first of the well-being of the individual is a sure way of finding previously unimagined solutions, but also for sharing ideas and proposals to better the quality of life in our cities, even from the ecological point of view. From the global to the particular, the commitment to health and psychophysical well-being generates a good life which is part of a better society.

Social Harmony and Art

There is a profound relationship between space and society: the quality of the environment in which we work, live and relax also has a decisive influence on the kind of relationships and therefore on the quality of life of every person. Looked at from the angle of fraternity, human relationships and the inhabitants’ need of beauty can point to solutions and ideas that will have the whole person at the center and therefore ”furnish a house” that is good for all.

Education and Culture

The human and cultural formation both of the individual and of society is a fundamental richness for society. If fraternity is a way of thinking and acting seen from the pedagogical aspect, it can propel a united model of research that will bring out the direct relationship between theory and practice, between words and concrete life. This is because the idea of the common good also depends on the idea of the person who is being referred to.

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