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newsYou will find here in this virtual showcase, the updates and news from all over the world on the various initiatives for the CityFest. New and old experiences clearly show us how much the Ideal of universal brotherhood, when lived in the life of a small or big community, is creative, stimulating, answers to situations sometimes without solutions.  It is a city for every man, with a vision towards the unity of all peoples.

Greening Africa Together Network

Greening Africa Together





Reforestation, renewable energy, waste management, environmental education. Four keywords for a project that creates a network of the best forces for the African continent, and not only, with a view to universal fraternity.





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The battle for clean water




They were six when they started, but today they are over 2,000: they are the "No Pfas mothers", a group of parents struggling to get clean water, because unfortunately a very large area of ​​the Veneto Region, concerning 21 municipalities in the provinces of Vicenza, Padua, and Verona, in Northern Italy, today does not have any.





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World Media Congress 2016



The World Media Congress (WMC) is a world forum of professionals in the secular and religious journalism. The organization brings together journalists, publishers, professors of communication and journalism and other media experts/ practitioners from all parts of the world; and to those who are open to all who care for ethics and values, accuracy and objectivity, and respect for peoples, cultures, and religions.



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Creating a System - Beyond the initial welcome






A course of professional training and building of "networks" for integration that go beyond the initial reception. In Sicily there is a pilot project focusing on relationships.

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Project Host Spot




For 12 days in August, Marco Desalvo, President of New Humanity, together with 55 young people from various European and Middle Eastern countries participated in the first phase of “Project Host Spot" that took place at the reception center for refugees in Madaba, Jordan.  

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Earthquake emergency in Ecuador and Japan

Ecuador terremoto 2016

Thursday 14 and Friday April 15, two aftershocks of magnitude 6.4 and 7.3 have terrorized Japan: at least 42 dead and more than 250.000 people displaced. The earthquake that struck Ecuador in the night between Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 was even more violent; although the general estimate is still tentative, there were 350 dead and thousands injured. All necessary international aids were set in motion.


The Focolare Movement has set up a coordination aid for the humanitarian crisis.


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Information Note – donations for migrants and refugees

Aiuti migranti



In response to the appeal of Pope Francis in favour of migrants and refugees, we are carrying out a new commitment and convergence between the various persons inspired by the spirituality of the Focolare Movement, under the coordination of the NGO New Humanity. Along with ecclesial and civil Institutions, associations and local communities, various initiatives are being realized in many parts of the world.

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Information Note- SignUpForPeace

Sign Up for peace

SignUp For Peace! That is the title of the appeal for peace organized by the Youth For a United World of the Focolare Movement, that can be signed on the platform 


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Assistance to the children and families of the slums of Mumbai



Udisha is a Sanskrit word which indicates the “first rays of the sun” and symbolizes the hope we want to give to the children of document our project (see the PPT) (21.78 MB) .

Mumbai, called Bombay till a few years ago, is a megalopolis with a population of over 14 million. It’s India’s commercial capital generating 5% of the country’s GDP, 25% of the industrial production, and 70% of capital transactions of the Indian economy.


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Mayor and Secretary: this is how we work together at Capodrise

Angelo Crescente





Angelo Crescente and Emilio Donnarumma are respectively the Mayor and the Secretary of Capodrise, in the South of Italy. Is it possible to live brotherhood even in the municipality? Yes, it is, and here we have an example!*

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The Ambassador and Fraternity

133 ambasciatore



Al has served in the diplomatic service of his country in many parts of the world. Presently he is the ambassador in an Asian country. This is a simply a glimpse at his work and mission.  


by Paolo Balduzzi




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Students’ World Peace Forum

2015 Living Peace
From May 4 to May 6, the "Students' World Peace Forum" will take place in Cairo. This is the World Forum of Students for Peace 2015, whose title is "Let's Bridge;” it will bring together students 16-22 years old, representatives from many colleges and universities from all over the world, who, along with some universities of Cairo, will get together to witness the shared commitment to peace.




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Hope in Erbil





On February 13, during the international school "Working for fraternity", with a live link we had the possibility to talk with Malu Villafane, who shared her experience as an educator in a refugee camp in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan.

By Paolo Balduzzi

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Pope promotes economy of honesty



It was another lesson in the economic thought of Pope Francis.... In an audience with members of the Confederazione Cooperative Italiane (confederation of Italian co-operatives) on Saturday, Pope Francis gave the 7,000 people present five practical suggestions for their mission in the context of the current «throwaway culture».

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Working for fraternity

Foto congresso 2014


From February 12 to 15 it will be held at the Convention Center of Castel Gandolfo "Working for fraternity," a training program aimed at providing a contribution of reflection and comparison of some major current issues: poverty and social justice, migration and integration, conflict and prospects for peace. About 500 people from all five continents are expected.

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Letter from Damascus

Siria Lina



A friend who lives in Damascus, sent us this letter...

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Social Ethics

There is a bond between spirituality and social commitment that is summed up in ethics: the spiritual elevation of the individual guides it to responsible action in every environment. In the Gospel and in the Scared Books of the other religions there exists the so called Golden Rule, “Do to others what you wish others will do to you”: here is the proposal for a public set of ethics that is easy to translate into the ethics of history.

Health: Person, Environment

Thinking of “the common good” by thinking first of the well-being of the individual is a sure way of finding previously unimagined solutions, but also for sharing ideas and proposals to better the quality of life in our cities, even from the ecological point of view. From the global to the particular, the commitment to health and psychophysical well-being generates a good life which is part of a better society.

Social Harmony and Art

There is a profound relationship between space and society: the quality of the environment in which we work, live and relax also has a decisive influence on the kind of relationships and therefore on the quality of life of every person. Looked at from the angle of fraternity, human relationships and the inhabitants’ need of beauty can point to solutions and ideas that will have the whole person at the center and therefore ”furnish a house” that is good for all.

Education and Culture

The human and cultural formation both of the individual and of society is a fundamental richness for society. If fraternity is a way of thinking and acting seen from the pedagogical aspect, it can propel a united model of research that will bring out the direct relationship between theory and practice, between words and concrete life. This is because the idea of the common good also depends on the idea of the person who is being referred to.

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