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panoramaSince its inception, all over the world, our work for the city has contributed to make the places where we live better places.This is because they can more and more answer the basic needs that any person, group, or community feel pressing : the demand of solidarity, the need for true and profound relationships,  the genuine request of services, whose main purpose is the welfare of any person, where confidence in the future can build up. But there is even more: it is a project, that makes universal brotherhood a category, which is indeed more and more fit for our time and our cities.

A project is something that develops in time, has a beginning and an end, but above all it is mainly a journey, that carries on ideas, initiatives, actions: just like bricks, these will build the house, we all want to live in. As a matter of fact we are putting forth a new way of living and understanding our cities; the results are wholly unpredictable, in the forefront under any point of view, and the stories we are posting little by little, witness the vibrant vitality we experience. Let's hope we can increase the publication rythm!

This is why, from now on, we will call our plan "City Project" and not "CityFest" any longer, as we feel, it is closer to the goal we want to achieve.

It is a little change in phrasing things, and we think it will be easy to get used to it. It doesn't change anything in this site, and above all it doesn't change anything in our commitment to make our cities true places of brotherhood.

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