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Work in progress: from "CityFest" to "City Project"

panoramaSince its inception, all over the world, our work for the city has contributed to make the places where we live better places.This is because they can more and more answer the basic needs that any person, group, or community feel pressing : the demand of solidarity, the need for true and profound relationships,  the genuine request of services, whose main purpose is the welfare of any person, where confidence in the future can build up. But there is even more: it is a project, that makes universal brotherhood a category, which is indeed more and more fit for our time and our cities.

A project is something that develops in time, has a beginning and an end, but above all it is mainly a journey, that carries on ideas, initiatives, actions: just like bricks, these will build the house, we all want to live in. As a matter of fact we are putting forth a new way of living and understanding our cities; the results are wholly unpredictable, in the forefront under any point of view, and the stories we are posting little by little, witness the vibrant vitality we experience. Let's hope we can increase the publication rythm!

This is why, from now on, we will call our plan "City Project" and not "CityFest" any longer, as we feel, it is closer to the goal we want to achieve.

It is a little change in phrasing things, and we think it will be easy to get used to it. It doesn't change anything in this site, and above all it doesn't change anything in our commitment to make our cities true places of brotherhood.

privacy policy

Privacy policy of the internet site and information regarding protection of personal data

1.  Preliminary note

1.1.    protection of personal data and social responsibility

New Humanity recognizes the importance of the law regarding the processing of personal data of its own members and of whoever uses it, being aware that the right of processing of personal data is a fundamental personal right.

In this context, which includes a convinced acceptance of the high standard of Social Responsibility, New Humanity Movement intends to outline in a transparent way the aim and means by which the processing of personal data will be carried out, showing also that it is prepared to collaborate with its own Members and with the Users of New Humanity Movement’s internet site (, on how to concretize, where requested, the useful or necessary actions to correct or delete personal data which should so be processed by New Humanity Movement according to the prevailing laws and the specific interests of those concerned.

Therefore, the following information is being supplied, to be considered as provided with the aim of making available what is to be found in art. 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (the “Code for the protection of personal data”). This information is being made available, not only in obedience to that Code, but also in conformity with Recommendation 2/2001 regarding the minimum requirements for the gathering of online data in the European Union issued by the Working Group ex art. 29 of the Dir. 96/46/CE.

1.2. internet site of New Humanity Movement (

Regarding this information it should be made clear at the beginning that all references to New Humanity Movement’s internet site should be considered as carried out with reference to the following site:, noting that every other site either textually referred to or to which one or more hyper textual or other form of link is made, does not belong to New Humanity, unless this is expressly indicated, and, therefore, is not to be connected with the instrument of processing of personal data under the title of New Humanity Movement.

2. Aim of data processing

2.1. information and contacts

New Humanity Movement, through its internet site which it owns, is aimed at imparting information regarding the carrying out of its own activity of associations and of relationships between itself and the Focolare Movement (P.A.M.O.M.), to which it belongs. The information already mentioned (also regarding the description of the services offered) is connected to the addresses of the Secretariat of New Humanity Movement, so that it can be reached by those who are in contact with it or wish to be in contact with the above mentioned Associations (including Adherents, potential Adherents, Suppliers, Dependents, etc.) by technological or traditional means.

Regarding potential Adherents and Adherents, the addresses and information on New Humanity Movement’s internet site are made available to them so that they can know, evaluate, and eventually come to adhere to New Humanity or to be in constant relationship aimed at arriving at a more efficient carrying out of the services, with an increase in the level of customer satisfaction.

The addresses and information present on the internet site are also made available to suppliers or to internal and external collaborators to improve the network of relationships and the efficiency of the contacts.

Further aims have to do with the improvement of the effectiveness of the internet site by indicating the webmaster’s electronic postal address to the contacts, which they can be directed to if they wish, and in order to help them with specific communications relevant to the effectiveness and the presence of contents of that site.

2.2. data known to those interested

Through the addresses made available to the Adherents and/or to the Users, including the electronic postal address, New Humanity Movement is able to arrive at knowledge of the personal data of those who will be invited by Them. It is to be remembered that for such data, already known to the person who communicates them, there is however the exemption envisaged by art. 13, col. 2, second section, of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003.

2.3. data not supported by express consent of the interested party

Where the personal data made available contain sensitive data and/or judgments and which do fall under the written consent of the party, these data will be deleted and/or destroyed by New Humanity.

New Humanity Movement will be able to treat the personal data of those concerned, even without the manifestation of express consent in terms of the hypothesis of current legislation as applied to the concrete case, as, for example, on the hypothesis that this processing is necessary to fulfil the requirements of the law, rule or community regulation, or where it is necessary to carry out obligations deriving from a contract to which the interested person is a party, or to fulfil the specific requests of the interested person who has begun to undertake a contract, or in the last hypothesis to which art. 24 Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 and further legal dispositions are applicable. New Humanity also reserves the right, when requested, to delete data regarding third subjects for whom there has not been given the required written consent.

2.4. excluded aims

In every case, excepting different express manifestations of consent on the part of the interested party, personal data gathered by New Humanity Movement and of which New Humanity Movement owns the processing, are not to be used for marketing purposes, to define the profile or personality of the interested party, to send advertising material or for direct selling, nor for compiling market research or commercial communication.

3. Aims and manners of data processing in relation to specific typologies of processing

3.1. curricula

New Humanity Movement does not intend to acquire, by means of the addresses indicated on its own internet site, any curriculum, except where that is explicitly requested.

Therefore, where New Humanity Movement, by means of the addresses published on its internet site has, however, to receive spontaneously from a party, curricula containing data of those same parties or third parties, New Humanity Movement will ensure their deletion and/or destruction.

Where New Humanity Movement considers it should request curricula from collaborators or for the purposes of employment, for a determinate time or determinate times, it will ensure that within a relevant section of its own internet site to be set up, or according to various manners it will consider more suitable, to explicitly indicate the requests in relation to specific and determinate professional profiles, along with communication of the necessary warning information.

4. Means of data processing

4.1. instruments and supports for data processing

The data processing will be carried out by means of information and telematic technology and with electronic instruments.

The processing will be carried out partly on the relevant server belonging to New Humanity Movement or, later, by other servers. In this latter case, New Humanity according to the relevant contract, has however the exclusive legal responsibility of the server or servers used, without any communication of the data to the suppliers of the service, who in every case remain contractually bound with New Humanity to adopt suitable and updated measures of security and protection, whether physical or logical, for the servers used by New Humanity Movement.

The data processing is also to be carried out by information and telematic systems present at the headquarters of New Humanity Movement or, at least with information instruments owned by the same, or, where necessary, by those entrusted with the data processing, regarding the security measures requested by the current laws, and anyway by those communicated by the owner of the processing.

The data processing can also be carried out with non-electronic instruments, including the supporting use of paper records.

4.2. operations of processing

The operations of processing can consist in one or more operations concerning the data, their recording, organization, conservation, consultation, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, utilization, interconnection, blocking, communication (according to what has been specified in the following paragraph 4.3), cancellation and destruction, even to prescinding from their recording in a data bank.

4.3. communication of the data

The personal data gathered by New Humanity or which New Humanity Movement has to become aware of in the carrying out of its own activity can be communicated to (or can become the object of knowledge on the part of) subjects charged with and/or responsible for the processing, in relation to the specific competences and functions, for the purpose of satisfying the aims mentioned above or to bring about normative and/or contractual fulfillments.

Normally the data should not be communicated or brought to the knowledge of other owners of the data processing, unless that is not required in obedience to legal or contractual dispositions or to fulfil specific needs. In such a case, the aforesaid data can, in particular, be brought to the knowledge of the following subjects or of the following categories of subject, limited by what is necessary to fulfil the legal and/or contractual obligations: a) of internal or external consultants or collaborators, with respect to the laws in force and/or for the carrying out of the contractual services in relation to the individual interested parties (work consultants; legal consultants; commercial agents; economists; accountants); b) of the Focolare Movement (P.A.M.O.M.-P.A.F.O.M.) (, to which New Humanity Movement belongs.

4.4. diffusion of the data

In every case, personal data will not be an object of diffusion, unless expressly requested by the interested party; this would eventually be the case in the execution of the specific contractual dispositions with that same party. In such cases the range of diffusion of the data remains confined by the limits of the request of the interested party or of the contractual agreements entered into.

However, it is possible that there should be diffusion of navigational data of the site alone, but in such case, the diffusion of the data will take an aggregated and anonymous form, with the aim of providing relevant statistics regarding the consultation of the internet site, property of New Humanity Movement or a part of New Humanity Movement.

4.5. navigation data

Consultation of the internet site, property of New Humanity, can involve an automatic processing of navigation data of the User intended solely for making the User’s consultation technically possible, along with controlling it and assuring its correct functioning in relation to the hardware and software instruments used. Since the processing of these data does not take place in order to identify whoever is carrying out the navigation on the above mentioned internet site, there is, however, the possibility that it could still lead to the identification of the User, provided that such data are associated with other data made available to New Humanity Movement or to third parties.

Among the navigation data the following can be considered: the IP numbers of the instruments used by the User; the access number; visualized pages; access or connection time; navigation browser; operating system used by the User; URL visited before accessing the internet site, property of New Humanity Movement; numerical code indicating the state of the reply given by the server (good result, error, etc.) and other parameters relative to the operating system and the informational range of the User.

Such data should not be used except for the aims specified above, including that of later monitoring in an anonymous form for statistical reasons.

Wherever the abovementioned information is used for statistical reasons, the data relative to the User should be dealt with in an anonymous and aggregated way, such as to maintain the protection of those interested at a high level (cf. paragraph 4.4. above).

4.6. cookies

Cookies are made up of portions of code installed within your browser which assist the performance of this website in order to achieve its end. Some cookie installations may require the consent of the user.

Technical cookies and data analysis

Technical cookies have the function of allowing activity strictly linked to the functioning of this online space. The use of technical cookies on this website fall into these categories:

  • Navigation cookies through which the user’s preferences of navigation are saved thereby optimising the navigation experience of the user
  • Cookie analytics through which it various statistical information is collected based on the user’s navigation. This information is dealt with in an aggregated and anonymous way.
  • Functionality cookies, also from third party sites, are used to activate a specific functionality within this online space in order to render a service or to improve it.

These cookies do not need the user’s consensus in order to be installed and utilised.

Other types of cookies and third-party tools which make use of them

Some of the these services might not require the consensus of the user, or could be managed directly by the service provider – as described hereunder – without the help of third-party services.

Should the following tools contain services managed by third-party services, these could – without this website’s knowledge – carry out tracking activities on the user. For more information in this regard, please read the privacy policy of the services listed hereunder.

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Use by minors

Users declare to be of adult age according to the legislation which applies to them. Minors can utilize this online space with parental consent and assistance.

How can I control the installation of cookies?

In addition to what has already been indicated in this document, the user can manage the options regarding cookies from within the browser itself and thus prevent third parties from installing them. Through the browser preferences it is also possible to eliminate past cookies. It’s important to note that by disabling all cookies, the functionality of this website may fail. You can find information on how to manage cookies within your browser at the following links:

In the case of services supplied by third-party providers, users are within their rights to oppose to the tracking of data by being informed through the privacy policy of that third-party, through the selection of the opt out link if it is made directly available or by contacting the third-party.

Notwithstanding the outcome, the user can always have recourse to Your Online Choices. Through this service it is possible to manage tracking preferences of the majority of advertising tools. Therefore, users are advised to utilise this resource in addition to the information provided in this document.

Site owner and controller of data

New Humanity Movement (Movimento dei Focolari) P.A.F.O.M, Via Valle della Noce 16/6, 00046 Grottaferrata (RM), Italy.

Since the Data Owner cannot technically control the installation of cookies done by other tracking systems operated by third-parties through services utilised within this online space, each specific reference to cookies or tracking systems installed by third parties is to be considered only as an indication. To obtain whole information, users need to consult the privacy policy of the third-party services listed in this document.

The present document refers to all online spaces (websites, platforms, Internet tools etc) as the property of the Data Owner. In order to obtain further information regarding the tools within a specific area, the user is asked to contact the Data Owner at address supplied in this document.

4.7. electronic post

Provided that email communication is forwarded to the electronic postal addresses present on the internet site, property of New Humanity Movement, there will be automatic acquisition of data relative to the email addresses contained in the message, along with other personal data inserted into that communication.

The data relative to the electronic postal addresses should also be processed with a view to predisposing them for future replies.

4.8. reserved area

On the internet site, property of New Humanity, a suitable reserved site is proposed, whose access by means of the digitalization of an identification code and a password permits New Humanity and those charged with the data processing to carry out the necessary operations to deliver and operate the services and to operate and maintain the entire information and telematic system.

Access to the reserved area is also permitted to Adherents who have previously obtained specific credentials of personal authentication, in order to access the services requested and provided by New Humanity Movement.

By accessing the reserved area, the system can gather and deal with information relative to the times and means of access and to the operations carried out. In such case the processing is exclusively aimed at management of the service offered and at maintaining the system’s levels of security.

5. The nature of confirmation

The confirmation of personal data by the interested person is optional, except for where, in the presence of a form, the field relative to the insertion of data is countersigned with an asterisk. In such a case, confirmation of the data is to be understood as obligatory.

Also obligatory is automatic processing of navigation data, of data relative to access and to remaining in the reserved area and of data of a contractual nature.

6. Consequences of denial of service

The lack of confirmation of the optional data does not in any case prevent the carrying out of the services requested by New Humanity Movement.

Where confirmation of the data is to be understood as obligatory in relation to what is provided for in paragraph 5, the lack of confirmation of the interested person or of consent to the processing can lead to the impossibility, on the part of New Humanity Movement, to deliver or supply the service or the reply requested.

7. User rights

The interested parties to which are referred the personal data processed by New Humanity Movement enjoy the rights to which art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/03 (“Code for the protection of personal data”) refers, and in particular have the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence or not of personal data regarding them, even if it is not yet recorded, and to their communication in intelligible form.

They also have the right to obtain indications concerning the origin of these data, the aims and means of their processing, the logic of the processing, the identifiable range of the owners and responsibles who are dealing with the data, and of the subject or category of subjects to whom the data may be communicated. They have moreover the right to obtain those data’s updating, correction and integration, where this would be of interest. They also have the right to check the accuracy, as well as to ask for the deletion, or transformation into an anonymous form or block of the data processed unlawfully, as well as to oppose in each case the processing of such data, for legitimate reasons.

The requests can be forwarded to New Humanity, as well be specified more exactly in the following paragraph 8.

8. The Owner of, and Responsible for, the processing. Reply to the interested party

8.1. Ownership of the processing

The owner of the processing of personal data is New Humanity Movement, with legal headquarters in (00046) Grottaferrata (Roma) in Via Valle della Noce 16/6.

8.2. Supply of reply to request of information by interested party and addresses

New Humanity Movement moreover carries out functions of responsibility for the processing, also with the aim of replying to the interested party in exercise of their rights referred to in article 7 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/03 (“Code for the protection of personal data”).

So it is possible to turn to New Humanity for every request, clarification or reply regarding the application of the norms regarding the protection of personal data and for the concrete exercise of the rights of the interested party, better indicated in the preceding paragraph 7, even in the case where it is necessary to provide updating, modification, integration, correction and/or cancellation of the data, as envisaged in the abovementioned law or in relation to the evaluation of the specific requirements outlined to the interested party. In order to achieve this, to facilitate the interested party in the exercise of their own rights and in interaction with New Humanity for the operations just indicated, the following addresses are provided which can be used in case of necessity:

tel.; fax. 06 941.09.72
e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
address of the internet site:;
postal address: Via Valle della Noce 16/6, 00046 Grottaferrata (RM), Italy.

legal information

Legal information for access to and use of the site
Please read carefully the following conditions of use affecting anyone visiting the site. If you decide to use this site you agree to abide by what follows.
Information contained in this site and responsibility for same
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New Humanity is not responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, arising from the site
The user of the site is considered to be solely responsible for all data and information released by him, for the views expressed in the areas of discussion both public and private, and for all actions which in any way involve an interaction with the other users or with the site
Ownership of the data
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This work is published under a Creative Commons Licence.
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This site may present the views/opinions of experts and New Humanity is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information or opinions provided by them.
Protection of confidentiality
New Humanity protects the privacy of visitors to In relation to the site, New Humanity will use identifying information of visitors when this is voluntarily provided. When providing personal data consent is given to the collection, use, storage and processing of data for internal use only. The data collected will be used as follows:
•     to control access to the website;
•     for updates and news on the site;
•     for the compilation of aggregated statistical data on the various services available on site.
For further information please consult the document relating to the Privacy regulations.
If the visitor does not wish to receive correspondence and/or e-mails from us, please send an e-mail or a letter informing us that you no longer wish to receive correspondence and/or e-mail from New Humanity.
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The origins of City Project

City Project is a path that, once embarked on, can only end in a united world’. It was with these words that Chiara Lubich (1920 – 2008), founder of the Focolare Movement, introduced and defined the City Project. At the end of the worldwide Familyfest event in 2005, she had, in fact, indicated, ‘After the family, the next step will be the city. And after the city will come the people and after the people, a united world’. The path she and her first companions set out on in Trent during the Second World War was that of rediscovering, whilst the falling bombs were destroying houses and people’s plans for the future, that there is an ideal that does not die or pass awayThat Ideal is God, who was announced in the Gospel. With this rediscovery, they chose to focus on the poor, of whom there were many, through whom they could ‘contribute towards solving the social problems in Trent’. From then to the present time, the ‘city’ has been a very important issue for Chiara and for the Movement. The holidays which they took together in the 1950’s in the Dolomites were given the name ‘ Mariapolis’, city of Mary, somewhere where people could live together according to a single law – reciprocal love. Today there are hundreds of Mariapolis’ held all around the world. There are even permanent Mariapolis’, the 34 ‘little towns’ of the Movement spread across the world, little cities that are open to anyone who wants to experience the Gospel lived in a community that is both civil and religious. Chiara was awarded 19 honorary citizenships in her lifetime, an expression of the privileged role assigned to the city by the Movement. In some of these cities genuine projects of ‘citizenship’, aimed at universal fraternity, have arisen as a result of this recognition: ‘Trento Ardente’, ‘Roma Amor’, ‘Praga d’Oro’, ‘Genova la Lanterna’, ‘Fontem Regale’.

The name given in 1956 to the Movement’s magazine, Città Nuova (New City) – which today has 37 editions in 22 languages – and to the publishing houses, anticipated the importance of the city in building a united world in the field of the media and culture,.

The rediscovery of the words of the Gospel, in the light of a collective spirituality, lived and passed on by the members of the Movement, has given rise to a way of life for both individuals and communities that is open to all, both laity and religious, a way to realize one’s own personal design and to building together a ‘civil society based on love’. In 2006 with this view in mind and with her gaze already turned towards City Project, Chiara said: ‘Through this, holiness will penetrate into society.’ (cf Rm, 7)

Who we are

Today the Focolare Movement embraces more than two million people, spread throughout 182 nations, belonging to diverse cultures, ethnic groups, religions and traditions.

The Movement, thanks to the strength of its spirituality, is in dialogue with today’s world, a 360 degree dialogue, within the Catholic Church, with the various Christian denominations, with other religions and with people of other convictions. Its latest and most open expression is the dialogue with contemporary culture (from politics to economics, from sport to the media and from ecology to medicine).

Serving the City Project is the NGO, New Humanity, the expression of the Focolare Movement’s social and cultural commitment on an international level. Founded in 1987, New Humanity enjoys General Consultative Status with the Economic and Cultural Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). Its headquarters are in Rome with two satellite offices in New York and Geneva.

Through New Humanity, individual and collective actions of the members of the Focolare Movement, seek to contribute to revitalizing the fabric of society by promoting initiatives and projects on local, regional and international levels as well as through conferences, training initiatives, seminars and publications.

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