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Action for a United World - onlus
AMU is an NGO (Non Government Organization) duly recognized by the Departments of Foreign Affairs and Education, University, Research (Italy).
Action for New Families - onlus
The New Family Movement has worked since 1967 highlighting a new way to live family life and a new culture of the family, based on four principles: education, formation, sociality, and solidarity.
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The Chiara Lubich Centre
The Chiara Lubich Centre was born in July 2008 in order to keep alive the memory of the founder of the Focolare. It wishes to collaborate - with all expressions of the Focolare Movement and other entities - in order to enter her thought and make it widely known. It aims at conserving her rich patrimony - available in document and multimedia format – and to make it available to students and to the public.
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The Igino Giordani Centre
The Igino Giordani Centre was set up in 1985 to keep alive the figure of Igino Giordani (1894-1980), writer, journalist, deputy in the Italian Parliament and then in the first legislature. An extremely versatile character, but above all a communicator at the service of a great ideal: the unity of the human family.
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Città Nuova
This is a review that appears every two weeks. It provides its readers with information on world events, ecumenism, culture, art and entertainment from the perspective of universal brotherhood. There are 37 different editions published around the world in 22 languages and linked to the publishing house of the same name.
Clartè: artists in Dialogue
This is an association of artists from around the world who reflect on the meaning of their work. They are aware of expressing in thought, and as a cultural unpacking, the living dialogue arising from the spirituality of unity. They aspire towards an art that will contribute to the great challenge of the future and to the unity of peoples and cultures.
logo comunione_e_diritto
Communion and Law
Practitioners and students of law committed in the search for a new model of action in the legal field. They focus on the recognition and protection of the relationship between persons and peoples, as well as the protection of individual rights.
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It is a world-wide network of people working in the fileld of natural and environmental sciences. All the scholars and the professionals that are part of it share the common desire to enrich the scientific knowledge of the environment problems; in this way they contribute to their solution in the perspective of a United World.
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The Economy of Communion
The Economy of Communion in freedom (EoC) is a project of entrepreneurs, workers, managers, consumers, savers, citizens, students and economists. It was launched by Chiara Lubich in the May 1991 in San Paolo in Brasil, in order to build and to witness to a society where, as in the first Christian community in Jerusalem, “nobody is in need”.
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The “Sophia” University Institute
This is the academic Institute promoted by the Focolare Movement. It was established by the Holy See on December7, 2007 with a decree from the Congregation for Catholic Education. It offers a two-year master’s degree in “Foundations and Perspectives of a Culture of Unity”, and a corresponding doctorate degree. It can be seen as a way of life, of study and of research that allows one to acquire constantly and deepen a culture inspired by Christianity that is capable of illuminating and vivifying the many dimensions of the human and the different human disciplines.
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Young People for a United World
These are young people of every race and culture who promote varied initiatives at local and world level, in order to sensitize public opinion to the themes of justice, peace, fraternity and dialogue between different cultures and religions.
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Living City
Established in 1967 as the English Edition for North America of Cittá Nuova, Living City has its same vocation: spread theideal of universal brotherhood, grasping in its analysis the multifarious signs that show the path towatds a united worls. Today, the Living City family extends throughout the U.S. and Canada and reaches as far as Australia, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand and many other nations worldwide.
logo loppiano
Loppiano is the first of the 35 little towns around the world, which witness to the work of the Focolare. It is in Tuscany, in the municipality of Incisa Valdarno. The 900 inhabitants come from all over the world and all the social backgrounds. Through the lifestyle it promotes, it can offer new ideas for living together in bigger towns and cities. Loppiano, like the other little towns, is in fact a model of a new kind of society, whose law is that of universal fraternity.
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This is an interdisciplinary and intercultural, non-profit association that wants to contribute to a scientific humanism, that can promote a concept of science and medicine based on a constant respect for man, his dignity and integrity, his bodily reality, his spirit and his culture.
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Focolare Movement
International Official Web site of the Focolare Movement.
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Political Movement for Unity
It is a world-wide network of open and active citizens, of elected politicians in the various institutional levels and involved in the most varied parties and political movements, civil servants, young people who are interested in major global issues and the life of their city, and students of political science. It is a "forum" for dialogue, where the plurality of positions becomes a contribution which, together with a consistent style and competence, promotes a history of peace and unity among the peoples of the earth. It aims at making universal brotherhood a fundamental political category.
logo netone
This is a network of professionals, students and workers in the communications media in all five continents who work or study in the field of the media from the perspective of building a more united world.
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New Humanity
It is a Non Government Organization, expression of the social and cultural commitment of the Focolare Movement in the world.
logo psicologia_e_comunione
Psychology and Communion
This is a forum of psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and mental health practitioners who, by promoting the concept of fraternity in psychology, offer to the science a fertile field of research on these issues in order to provide additional helps to the psycho-physical well-being of the person.
logo socialone
This is an international group of sociologists and social work students inspired by the ideal of fraternity and the charism of Chiara Lubich. They set out to carry forward an experience of life, study and comparison with a view to extracting keys for understanding and interpreting the dynamics of society. They aim at directing these dynamics towards a more united world.
logo sportmeet
This is a worldwide network of sportsmen and sportswomen and all those engaged in sport. Their primary objective is that of promoting a culture of sport which is capable of contributing to peace and to universal fraternity on all levels between persons, peoples, cultures, races and religions.
logo teen4unity
Youth for Unity belong to different races and nations, to different Churches and even to different religions and to cultures that do not profess a religious creed. Their aim is to make universal brotherhood a reality by starting in their own cities and in the places where they live. They try in all possible ways to break down barriers and divisions, for they are certain that humanity will become one great family.
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