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During her life Chiara Lubich, founder and president of the Focolare Movement, met a large number of very diverse people, sharing with every single person a word, a suggestion of how the ideal of universal brotherhood can be put into practice in any place: it could be a speech to a group of politicians, a sincere dialogue with youth and teens, or even a greeting to families gathered for a meeting, any time it was an opportunity to better understand the novelty that this way of living brings about, and that shapes the entire society, indeed starting from the cities.

Familyfest - Palaeur (Rome), June 5, 1993

Seeds of Communion for the Third Millennium

A Proposal

- excerpt from message of Chiara Lubich -

... Now, each family has to live out its own vocation as a family in order to serve as a model for the entire human family, transferring onto it its own values with their characteristic way of being.
The family then becomes, as the title of FamilyFest suggests, seeds of communion for the third millennium.

Is it natural in a family to have everything in common? Then that is the seed that can give life in society to a new economic system at the service of the human person; that is the seed of a culture of giving, of an economy of communion.
Is it natural in a family for the members to live one for the other, to “live the other”? Then that is the seed that will grow into mutual acceptance among groups, peoples, traditions, races and civilizations which then favors mutual inculturation.
In the family, aren’t values passed on naturally from one generation to the next? Then that could be an incentive for re-emphasizing the importance of values education in society at large. The manner of correcting and forgiving in the family setting can be of light in terms of our judicial system.
In the family, is one person’s life as precious as another’s? Then that is the seed of the culture of life that needs to permeate laws and social structures.
Does the family take care of its home; does the home reflect family harmony? Then that is the seed of a renewed environmental and ecological consciousness.
Is education in the family aimed at helping the individual grow and mature? Then that is the seed that can give cultural, scientific and technological research the key to discovering the mysterious plan of God on humanity and to working for its good.
Is communication in the family impartial and constructive? Then that is the seed for a communications system at the service of the individual that spreads and promotes what is positive and is an instrument of peace and global unity.
Is love the natural bond among the members in the family? Then that is the seed for social structures and institutions that cooperate for the good of the individual and of the community, to the point of achieving universal brotherhood and appreciation for all groups of people.
In the world there are already structures and institutions at local, national and international levels: government ministries, hospitals, schools, courts, banks associations, all kinds of organizations. However these structures need to be humanized, they need a soul so that the spirit of service circulating in them reaches the same intensity, the same spontaneity and the
same spirit of love for the individual that one experiences in a family.
God created the family as a model and prototype for every other form of human community. This then is the family’s task: to keep love always alive, reviving those values that God has given the family and bringing them everywhere into society, generously and tirelessly.
This is the challenge being offered to you so that in the third millennium all of humanity may become one big family.


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