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Interview with Pope Francis

On September 21 "La Civiltà Cattolica" published an interview, which Pope Francis granted to it and to some other magazines of the Society of Jesus.

The interview received a global echo, reported by various international media outlets.

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The Vaults of the Vatican and the Pope's Luminous Window




The Church of Rome is depicted by the media as a museum of horrors. In the past it was even worse. But five hundred years ago a pope performed a miracle, which today the whole world admires. A lesson for the imminent conclave.

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Health Fair


Caring for those with no health insurance.
Seventeen organizations and movements make a difference at a "health fair" in San Diego (USA).

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By Susanne Janssen, Living City Magazine


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Usa: After the superstorm


NewYork Sandy

Those of us in the path of hurricane Sandy stored supplies, water, batteries, and made all possible precautions, not knowing exactly what we might encounter with Monday morning light.

Some had to evacuate, many lost power and phone service if not houses and cars. Since Living City offices in Hyde Park, NY were spared, we have tried to contact our friends....


By Marilyn Boesch (Usa)

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Lillibeth Navarro’s dedication to the Disability Rights Movement shows how much a person can affect changes by living spiritually.

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By Susanne Janssen, Living City Magazine (USA)


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USA: Something of myself


"To give others what I need and want myself is the simplest and most fulfilling way to live and give meaning to my ordinary life and my relationships".

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Plant for the planet

Plant__for__the_planetFierce as David against Goliath, 13-year-old Felix Finkbeiner electrifies audiences around the world. His message is simple: adults have been talking about environmental threats for more than 20 years, and now it is time to stop talking and start planting millions of trees in order to reduce the excess carbon dioxide that is warming the planet.

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Watch the video of the speech of Felix Finkbeiner at the United Nations (New York), in February 2011.

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São Paulo: recycle the trash and recover the life.

raccolta_differenziataThere is an interesting project undertaken in the municipality of Salto, in the State of Sao Paulo (Brazil), which has involved the residents in the waste collection, through a cooperative that employs people marginalized from the labor market.

The faces and stories of the protagonists of this story, as told by Fernanda Pompermayer on the pages of Cidade Nova.

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