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How can you revive a city where everything seems to collapse? We spoke with Franco Gallelli, who tells us of the common commitment in his home town led by a group of people who believe in the universal brotherhood.

(part two)

by Paolo Balduzzi

Perhaps most of all, re-creating a common social space to share ideas and experiences…
"Certainly, if people learn to know and experience that together we can change things, a large part of the job is already done. With this new commitment, even in the prospect of universal brotherhood for Catanzaro, it led to the rise of skills and talents that were first hidden and obscured... like the famous diamond. Then putting these forces together with joy for the common good is an experience that fills the heart, brings enthusiasm and brings real results".

Such as?

"Well, we can cite several major initiatives carried out together with people who recognize themselves in my same Ideals of life and have enabled projects in the world of education, or training of persons engaged in various social fields:  Be a sign of hope as the maximum expression of the desired synergy between movements, associations and institutions carried ahead by the "Youth for a United World".

In addition to addressing various topics of social interest, symbolically we will travel on land confiscated from the mafia in order to cultivate them. In this regard I quote also the presentations of Calabria made throughout Roberto Mazzarella's book "L'uomo d'onore non paga il pizzo". Moreover here he acknowledges the work that several of us carried out in politics. During this period, after numerous meetings a number of initiatives have been activated in the territory of Calabria from "I'm staying in Calabria" an association which is headed by industrialist Pippo Callipo.

Among the most interesting moments of the workshop on political ethics and "What to do " for the redemption of this land, I would say that the most "concrete"  reality  that we have activated, is the construction of a new culture starting especially with the youths and that exceeds the most serious problem: the fatalistic conviction that condemns many, the idea that it is impossible to change, that everything remains and will remain so forever.

Well, finally I would cite Effegi Events, the latest addition, an association that has promoted the theatrical events that I've written as "Beyond the nostalgia, love: Palummella" in the belief that through art we can carry out political actions…"

CatanzaroSo political commitment is also part of this process…

"Of course, commitment to the city, to love ones city, also means to compromise. Here in Calabria, we had an extraordinary experience during the 2010 regional elections, a bit on the same wavelength as "New Wind", that is "I'm staying in Calabria", continued to exist as a cultural association, but made an unpublished electoral roll, the only one that was recognized without suspicion or corruption, that did not have success in terms of numbers, but certainly in terms of involvement. The people expressed their gratitude and followed us. That campaign is an asset to be put to good use now in its digestive state, to strengthen its presence in the area, and still do good, maybe going to tease proactively who has won the elections".

I know of one morning, while awaiting  the results on your mother’s balcony...

"Yes, we were all a bit anxious, waiting to know how it would all end. I was  with my mother, who is alone, and I thought it was the best thing to do with serenity; going once again to look for whoever needed my help in that moment. I was on the balcony and I see a guy that comes close to a dumpster and start digging in to find something to eat. That scene hurt me deeply, it moved me, I don’t know what else to say, but it was also a light that made me realize that, in any case, the common commitment for the good of our city would have to go forward because of these people. They are the ones, those who have no face or voice, the first to which we must pay attention, they are the first to give us the opportunity to receive the strength to go on despite everything".

What place has the cultural commitment in this regard?

"It 's a basic commitment, without culture one always goes lame! I wrote a book, "Red Skies" (Cieli Rossi) that tells my story a bit novel like, but above all wants to be an invitation to not stop infront of problems, to always face each other. There is much irony in the book, there is emotion, it tells of a journey at times incomprehensible, but that leads to a very specific goal: universal brotherhood".

At the end, what does it means to live for the city?

"Living for the city is living for others. In the meanwhile, it is getting up in the morning and being thankful that you can go to work, to be able to live, to enjoy the beautiful things that life gives you, to have the opportunity to make something good everyday for others through your talents . What's nice here is not my person, even if you are now talking to me, but it is the presence of a vital community, a group of people who got together to say: what can we do for our people? When you ask this question together and share a goal, we can only expect the good things that come naturally. For the present and the future. Among other things, in these days we need to get away, we hope temporarily, from our beloved Calabria.

Well, you know what I did? I have already been in contact with the mayor of the town where we're going to stay, even if for only a few months, to meet him and offer my own contribution of ideas and experiences. He had received the gift of "Red Skies" and was very happy for this contact and is waiting for me with joy. Naturally, in this town and everywhere I will be in the future, albeit from myself and my desire to "be there", I will look first of all for other people of good will to share the experience of relationship, which is the foundation of all social life . Here, for a full response to your last question I would say: be a locomotive, as if the "journey" of a city in harmony and progress depended only on you, but do not do anything without a good number of other trains with which to build adequate and fast communication networks".

(The End)

© Photo Copyright Francesco Gigliotti, all rights reserved.
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