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One starts to have experience of the State later, perhaps when one becomes a parent, or starts work and starts paying taxes; it is then that one becomes fully aware of the other ‘we’.




By Ilaria Pedrin

City life is what children experience first; for adolescents it represents a privileged space where they can express their sense of freedom together with their peers. In this sense, the city is associated with equality and freedom.

The city also highlights unity through shared laws, social services, and a welfare that goes beyond the individual’s capacity. Unity is also implied in ‘political’ institutions, where decisions are taken according to the interests of the inhabitants. Traditionally, the main political institution in a city is the City Council, which decides norms and sees that the latter are carried out. The Council acts under the scrutiny of the citizens who from time to time are called to renew it with their vote.Tuttamialacitta3

The citizens’ contribution to the ‘political’ life of the city should not be limited to the moment, albeit crucial, of the democratic choice of their representatives. Indeed, there is a daily political endeavour, a rather silent one but fundamental nonetheless, in the building of the citizens’ community. This commitment knows no truce, since the quality of our life together depends on each one of us.

The street is mine: I need to look after it! The lawn is mine: I must keep off it! Mine are the city coffers: I must pay my dues! The city is my home: I need to smile to all those I meet to make them feel welcome! All citizens are my brothers and sisters: I need to treat them as family, with respect and love!

Every aspect of the city is ‘mine’ and is dependent on me, on my commitment as a citizen.

Are we 200 thousand inhabitants in this town? We could be 200 thousand protagonists in the construction of the city if we are of one mind to enhance our political fraternity by our coherent daily living.  

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