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"It’s enough to remember that the metropoli are the real platforms for a culture that exceeds and towers over its personal elements.  Here, in the constructions and places of entertainment, in the miracles and comfort of a technology that wipes out every distance, in the formation of communitarian life and in the visible institutions of the State, a fullness of the spirit manifests itself which has crystallized and become so overwhelmingly impersonal that – so to speak – it loses its personality.  On the one hand life is rendered extremely simple, since it is offered stimuli, interests, ways to fill one’s time and mind from every corner that it is as if it is swept up in a current where you almost don’t need to bother swimming.  On the other hand, however, life consists more and more of such contents and impersonal representations, that tend to eliminate its more intimately particular colourations and idiosyncrasies; so in order to survive the more personal element has to show a peculiarity and particularity which is extreme; it has to exaggerate to make itself heard, even by himself".

(Georg Simmel, philosopher and sociologue)



"[...] The city is something more than a cluster of individual men and women or of social services, like streets, buildings, lamps, tramlines and descending paths; it is also something more than a simple constellation of institutions and administrative instruments, like courts, hospitals, schools, police and public servants of every kind.  Instead, the city is a state of soul, a body of customs and traditions, of attitudes and feelings organized amongst these customs and transmitted by means of this tradition".

(Robert Park, sociologue)

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