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What does living and working for social issues mean in the age of the global village? From the point of view of universal brotherhood, here is a series of contributions: from economics to sport, from politics to justice through to the communications media, and much more. Thought-provoking ideas, both great and small, to help individuals and communities to be aware of the heritage in which we are all immersed.


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New Humanity at the COP21

NH at COP21 8




Mrs Chantal Grevin - the main representative of New Humanity in Paris - attended the "NGOs Day", the last 8th of December. The event has been organised at the "UNESCO's corner" during the International Conference about Climate Changes COP 21.

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World Day of migrants and refugees 2016





The Message for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees for 2016 was released on Thursday at a briefing in the Holy See Press Office. The theme chosen by Pope Francis for 2016 is “Migrants and Refugees Challenge Us. The Response of the Gospel of Mercy”.


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Growing peace!




Senator Douglas Roche: In spite of confrontations, the world is getting better!

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A United Europe for a United World




Here is the conversation held by Chiara Lubich in Madrid, December 3, 2002, at the concluding session of the seminar organized by the Spanish section of the European Movement.

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New Humanity at the Fourth Forum of NGOs in Official Partnership with UNESCO

Which is the role of women in fighting poverty? On the next 30th of June New Humanity presented at the UNESCO an example of field of actions about this topic, promoted by Koz Kazah Association, its Egyptian partner.

The statement of New Humanity has been presented by Mrs Chantal Grevin - the main Representative of New Humanity in Paris - in occasion of the Fourth Forum of NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO, which was centered on this theme.

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Communication at the service of an authentic Culture of Encounter’

«In a world like this, media can help us to feel closer to one another, creating a sense of the unity of the human family which can in turn inspire solidarity and serious efforts to ensure a more dignified life for all … The internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity” and “this is something truly good, a gift from God».

Entitled ‘Communication at the service of an authentic Culture of Encounter’, Pope Francis published a message for the 48th World Communication Day.

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Convention of the social organisations of Latin America: interview with Giuseppe Dipietro

From 18th to 27th October, Giuseppe Dipietro was in Brazil, in the San Paolo region. He is a member of the commission for social harmony of the New Humanity movement. He took part in the first convention of social organisations of Latin America that are inspired by the values of universal brotherhood, proposed by the Focolare Movement.

We contacted Giuseppe by telephone at his house, in Ispica, in the province of Ragusa:

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Economy and Work

Our society is made up of people who are constantly building relationships: in the family, in places of recreation and even at their places of work where creativity, competence and commitment bring about that which is the “good” for all. Economy and work therefore represent two fields where the human and spiritual patrimony of every person can be put to the service of the community. These are privileged spaces where one can combine the needs and wants with the resources and opportunities.

Ethnicities and Cultures

One often hears of education towards awareness of being people of the same world and awareness of other cultures as a way of overcoming prejudices. Universal brotherhood takes on yet another dimension both on the theoretical level as on the level of social action: it is the appreciation of diversity as a value to be shared and “promoted” on the levels of ideas and experiences for the good of all.

Social Ethics

There is a bond between spirituality and social commitment that is summed up in ethics: the spiritual elevation of the individual guides it to responsible action in every environment. In the Gospel and in the Scared Books of the other religions there exists the so called Golden Rule, “Do to others what you wish others will do to you”: here is the proposal for a public set of ethics that is easy to translate into the ethics of history.

Health: Person, Environment

Thinking of “the common good” by thinking first of the well-being of the individual is a sure way of finding previously unimagined solutions, but also for sharing ideas and proposals to better the quality of life in our cities, even from the ecological point of view. From the global to the particular, the commitment to health and psychophysical well-being generates a good life which is part of a better society.

Social Harmony and Art

There is a profound relationship between space and society: the quality of the environment in which we work, live and relax also has a decisive influence on the kind of relationships and therefore on the quality of life of every person. Looked at from the angle of fraternity, human relationships and the inhabitants’ need of beauty can point to solutions and ideas that will have the whole person at the center and therefore ”furnish a house” that is good for all.

Education and Culture

The human and cultural formation both of the individual and of society is a fundamental richness for society. If fraternity is a way of thinking and acting seen from the pedagogical aspect, it can propel a united model of research that will bring out the direct relationship between theory and practice, between words and concrete life. This is because the idea of the common good also depends on the idea of the person who is being referred to.


Social Communication

It is necessary to communicate in order to live as a family. The means of social communication are instruments of a reciprocity which grows and matures every relationship between people and between cultures and favors a personal and common research into the truth and sense of the development of humanity. 

Politics and P.A.

Politics, which aims at bringing together the needs and the resources of a particular society, aims at the synthesis of the active forces, encourages the operations of the associations and brings about order in the multiple aspects of the lives of its citizens. New Humanity comes into play in order that every citizen becomes a subject of politics, recognizing the social ties that bring together the destinies of nations and people in the perspective of a more united world. It is a project that promotes fraternity as a political category where the principles, which cannot be renounced, of the dignity of the individual, of liberty, of fairness, of subsidiarity and of justice, find their realization.

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