New Humanity Movement

The context

Humanity today is called to respond to the challenge of globalisation, the challenge of different cultures, ethnic groups, religions and generations encountering but also clashing with one another, the economic challenges and those of social justice.

Seventy per cent of the population lives in cities. Cities, great and small, neighbourhoods and villages play a central role: they are scenes of the contrast between unrest and dialogue,  places where poverty and wealth increases, a place where identity and reciprocity meet.

There are many indications that facing up to these realities within the confines of the city represents an opportunity: in a defined space, we can tackle challenges from close up, together. And they can be tackled by sharing needs and resources, working with civil as well as religious authorities, with the contribution of all those who love their city and who want to be active citizens, committed to making them better and more welcoming places to live, thus transforming them into models of real fraternity.

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